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Social media network of farmers for knowledge sharing in local language

We propose to utilize the always expanding world of social media for dissemination of right information among the target audience in local language free of cost through our initiative AGRI NETWORK.

Farmers will get scientifically correct technical information through social network in local language. AGRI NETWORK will also assist the famer in solving his queries related to crop cultivation free of cost.

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Soil Culture

Many of today’s farming methods have severely compromised soil microbial communities, significantly reducing the amount of carbon transferred to and stabilized in soil.

To overcome this, restoration and maintenance of beneficial soil microorganisms is of utmost importance in modern agriculture.

The development of Soil Culture is result of extensive studies conducted on beneficial soil microorganisms and their effects on overall soil health management. Soil culture helps in restoring soil health by boosting population and activity of beneficial soil microorganisms.

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