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AnantVarsha Foundation is dedicated to agriculture and rural development.

Founded in 2019 by a team of experienced people having close association with farming and rural communities, AnantVarsha Foundation is working on key projects impacting lives of thousands of people associated with agriculture and rural domain.

The experience and expertise of the team enabled us design and implement innovative projects since inception.

Agriculture sector is getting more and more dynamic day by day and it is very difficult for a common farmer to maintain pace with rapidly changing technological developments across the globe.

Dissemination of quality information about technology in agriculture to the grassroot level is of utmost importance.

It will help farmers to increase their competency which will in turn help them manage their farming activities more effectively. 

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There are very strong reasons why resources should now be put into rural development. More than half the people of the world and the vast majority of the people in developing countries (Asia, Africa and Latin America) live in rural areas and gain part or all of their livelihoods from some form of agriculture. Most of these people are also still very poor and dependent on agricultural practices that have benefited little from modern technology. They live in isolated and often inhospitable places, with little access to the resources they need to improve their agriculture. Many lead their lives barely at subsistence level. Solely in terms of numbers of people, there is a very strong case for giving high priority to rural development.

It can also be argued that agriculture is a vital part of the economy of any country and that its development is critical to the development of the country's economy as a whole.

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